Ready To Propose? Here Are 3 Important Things To Prepare For

If you are more than ready to walk your girl down the aisle and start a new life with her for the rest of your lives, then a marriage proposal should be next on your to-do list. But before making your move, you must also consider if she is also ready, and if you can conjure a proposal that she’ll remember for life.Remember that It is every girl’s dream to have the most surprising and memorable marriage proposal ever. Thus, before making your move, you should leave no stone unturned to make the final moment as special and memorable as ever. Below are the three most important things you have to prepare for to create a special and memorable proposal:

  • The approval of her parents (and in some cases, including her friends).
    You can do this secretly so that there will be an element of surprise during the day of proposal. You can ask permission and the blessing of her parents (and friends), without her knowing. You can also include her closest friends and ask for their support in organizing the upcoming proposal.
  • Secure the ring.
    You can take your girlfriend out and pretend that you want to buy something in a department store, but while on your way, both of you can pass by jewellery shops Adelaide and stop to look for a watch or a necklace while asking her which ring looks nice to her. Just make it sound as casual as possible, or just mention that you want to buy rings for your upcoming anniversary or a special occasion (such as Valentines and birthdays).
    Another option is to purchase the wedding or eternity rings by yourself. This could be hard though, because you wouldn’t know what designs she may actually like. But for most girls, it wouldn’t really matter as long as you are sincere with your feelings and intentions.
  • Setting up the surprise proposal
    Once you got her parents’ (and friends’) consent, plus the perfect ring, you can now plan for the actual marriage proposal. On that day, make sure all the important people of your lives are present. You may also opt to do it privately, but then again, this event is much more special with all your loved ones around, right?With the help of her friends, you can set-up the venue and concoct a plan on how to make the proposal a bit more special and surprising. Lastly, prepare a short speech. Tell her everything you feel about her and why you’d love to marry her. Don’t be afraid to pour your heart out!